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about us can trace it’s roots back to 1994 when the first idea was launched to create an online job service. We realized that the IT people we were recruiting ourselves were using this new computer thingy called the “internet” to find jobs. We set up a test site on Demon, the only Internet service available at the time. The test site rapidly grew and was properly registered as a dotcom in September 1996. (We had to phone (!) the domain registrar in the USA as you couldn’t register a domain on the net in those days…)

The first site had very limited features and could probably handle 2 or 3 users at the same time before crashing. We then redesigned the site using the prevalent standards of the day, CGI scripts were added and it quickly started to lead it’s own life. It started attracting recruitment campaigns from illustrious companies such as, Microsoft, Apple, KPMG, Andersen, Hilti and many others.

Over the following years attracted more and more traffic and advertisers. It slowly grew into a fairly large player in pan-European recruitment. Thousands of recruiters started adding their jobs and tens of thousands of candidates were browsing through them. In 2002 the site was completely redesigned in order to be able to cope with the increased traffic levels and to make use of the latest technologies. And it continued growing rapidly..… The site was revamped and relaunched in 2008. In the following years new technologies completely changed the way the Internet worked, email became unusable and the social web was born. The site was given a completely new structure, a new database setup, a new search engine and a new interface in early 2021 and is now based in the cloud, so we can now welcome more than a million visitors to the site every month.

The current site is a reflection of the ideas behind The European recruitment industry needed more transparency, openness, clarity and standards. This was the case in 1995 and still is the case today. We are working towards a more integrated European job market, showing the diversity and uniqueness of Europe. We don’t regard Europe as a collection of independent states, we see it as an area to work and live in, regardless of borders, languages, rivalries and other distracting political ‘noise’.

We hope you will enjoy using our service and hope you will find your next jobs through

Please note that is not associated with Euro jobs GmbH in Austria or any other company using the name Euro jobs. We are an online business only.

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